Hello everyone! I am so happy you have stumbled across my website. A lot of you don't know me (and a lot of you do) BUT for those of you that don't: my name is Megan Mulkins and I am the Owner / Creator of Southern Belles and Bows Boutique (SB&B). I wanted to share with everyone the story of how this little business of mine came about!

This little dream of mine started up when I was only 19!! WHAT?! When SB&B first started all I was offering at the time was custom and monogram items, both vinyl and embroidery. I had literally just been browsing Amazon one night and was like "You know what? I spend enough of my own money on Etsy buying monogram...why not just put that money towards my own machine and make it myself?!". It's funny to think back now because at the time, everyone was telling me that was a 'crazy waste of money' and just think, if I would have listened to them I wouldn't be where I am today! Lesson lived and learned that you should always go with what your heart is telling you!

As my customer following increased with each month with the help of friends, family, and MANY returning customers (which are til this day my regulars at the shop, how amazing?!) I decided it was time to brand the business with a name and created a website. This allowed my business to continue to grow while I worked TWO JOBS trying to save up my money to open the location. Fast forward to a really solid attempt at me trying to do the 'college thing' (took 2 classes, never went back), quitting one job, and THEN the other because my business was growing, and at the AGE OF 21 Southern Belles and Bows Boutique opened its first location!!!

It has been nothing but a dream. Definitely challenging at times (most times) but hard work pays off and now I am doing what I love (aka shopping for a living?). We just celebrated TWO WHOLE YEARS at our location in November of 2017. How awesome is that? I am so blessed to be able to do this and it is all thanks to my amazing customers. I literally would not be here without you all!!!

xo, Megan